Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Simple Possibility to try confront Coronavirus

Update 20.3.2020:
Such method has been obviously used effectively in China against the Coronavirus.

There is a simple and easy way to reduce or may be even prevent the risks of Coronavirus, influenza, and other kind of colds. This is called foot reflexology massage, which one can apply on her/himself. No necessary need For health professional!!

I’m talking out of
personal experience over many years, that helped me with various health issues.

I don’t know if the reflexology theory is scientific valid, but I know that it is very effective against every kind of cold that I have experienced. It is important to mention that reflexology is not all the time as effective in other types of health problems.

This method is good as a
preventive measure if done regularly for 3 minutes a day, especially in winter time. At the initial stage of feeling sick, it is important to start massaging as soon as possible, repeating it many times a day. At the beginning just for 3 minutes and if there are no bad reactions it can be increased to as long as one wishes. Carrying out self massages various times a day is more effective than once only.

One needs to massage zones 39, 41and 48 of both feets (see enclosed charts) in only one direction - upwards. I.e., towards the general direction of the upper part of the body. The zones would be painful and one may choose the amount of pressure to apply.

Out of Masafret's book

If massaging a naked foot it is possible to use any type of oil or cream. Another possibility is while wearing socks. 

It is advisable to complete the treatment with a massage of zones 22, 23 and 24 of the enclosed chart (kidneys, ureters and bladder). Also the zone of the lungs (14) is highly recommended. During this last stage of self treatment one has the possibility to step on a small round stone as long as one desires.

Out of Masafret's book

The  excellent book of the Swiss Nurse Hedi Masafret, GOOD HEALTH  FOR THE FUTURE (Trema publishing Vaduz 1976) is my reflexology bible:

Kidneys, ureters and bladder:  in order that the toxic substances (uric acids) that will be dissolved by the full massage will also be eliminated from the system and won’t just encumber the circulation. At the be­ginning, this is the part of the system on which you should spend most time.”

The Swiss priest Josef Eugster popularized Masafret’s version of reflexology throughout Asia.


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