Friday, January 15, 2010

Israeli Internet company supplies an Iranian authority

The Israeli company Daronet Internet Solutions has sold 70 systems worth around US$ 1 million to the chamber of commerce of the district of Teheran. This reported the Voice of Israel on January 14th. .

Monday, January 11, 2010

Airport “security” measures as a huge job-creation scheme (boondoggle)

The Israeli case

The alleged anti-terror measures in the airports seem to be mainly a huge job-creation scheme for the "security" industries and services and actually reduce the safety of, and of course the comfort of the passengers.

As an example we can take the Israeli Ben-Gurion Airport, which boasts of having one of the tightest "security" operations in the world, allegedly effectively eliminating terrorist hijackings. In fact, Ben-Gurion's safety ranking is nothing to brag about. In November 2008 even the US Federal Aviation Administration downgraded Israel's aviation safety ranking and since then there has been no improvement.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Israel raubt Shoa-Vermögen

Nur sehr zag- und lückenhaft wagt sich der TV-Sender Arte an das heikle Thema "Raub von Shoa-Vermögen durch den Staat Israel und israelische Banken" (s. ).
Obwohl der Skandal schon 1996 ausgebrochen war, also ein Jahr nach einer ähnlichen Affäre in der Schweiz, ist die Sache bislang noch nicht geregelt. Denn bis heute weigern sich der Staat und Bank Leumi, wirklich kooperativ zu sein.