Saturday, December 24, 2011

Who peed in my pants?

Watching this report I must see in it another example of Palestinian specialty: "somebody peed in my pants". It is much easier to blame others than reflecting on one own mistakes.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Why did the US invade Iraq?

For actual reasons here are several old articles of mine on the background of the US invasion of Iraq.
My theory:
The aim like the rest of the so called anti-terror campaign was to raise the US military budget, which sank during the Clinton administration to the lowest levels since the 1930s. The rise in the military budget was to function as a locomotive for the whole US economy.
 This worked beautifully after the US invasion of Iraq of 1991, because Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, etc. paid the bill plus a war dividend. Accordingly, the US received a capital transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars.
 But things did not work this way following the "anti-terror campaign" starting 2001. Because of its islamo- and arabophobic character  Saudi Arabia withdrew much of its investment in the US and nobody else was ready to pay the enormous costs. An economic crash was inevitable.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Feudalfeier Calmy-Reys für den Nahost-"Frieden"

Wo endet Naivität und wo beginnt Korruption in der Politik? Diese Frage ist nicht immer leicht zu beantworten. Betrachtet man das Engagement der ausscheidenden Aussenministerin Micheline Calmy-Rey für die Genfer-Initiative (GI), drängt sich diese Frage aber geradezu auf. Einen Höhepunkt erreichte diese fragwürdige Unternehmung mit ihren kostspieligen Festivitäten in Genf am 22. November, wo ihr gescheitertes Vorhaben öffentlich gefeiert wurde, um der scheidenden Bundesrätin eine Bühne zu bieten.