Friday, March 18, 2011

Some new findings about Eichmann

An interesting article was published by the Jerusalem Post:
Irmtrud Wojak is right in her claim that Eichmann did not hide his Judeophobia neither in his Sassen interviews nor in his interrogations in Israel (as wrongly claimed by Deborah Lipstadt in her new book ).
In her own book Wojak indicates that it is LIKELY that SASSEN GAVE THE MOSSAD THE DECISIVE INFO THAT LED TO THE CAPTURE OF EICHMANN(!). This claim is supported by the evidence that the Israeli secret service was in possession of the complete Sassen interviews before the trial (to this day only a censored version is available in Germany).
The censored parts obviously deal with the connection between Eichmann and Adenauer's right hand Hans Globke during the Nazi era.
Wojak's argument is an additional support for the proofs that Isser Harel, the head of the secret services, wanted to sabotage the relationships between Israel and West Germany and therefore initiated the kidnapping of Eichmann (for a short summary of some of the findings indicating this explanation:
By the way, Eichmann told Sassen that he believed figure of 5 million Jews annihilated is too high and that he was in no position to know the exact number. Eichmann referred to an affidavit made by the SS officer Wilhelm Höttl claiming that Eichmann had told him in December 1944 that allegedly 6 million Jews were liquidated. This is the source of the magic figure, which is not reliable. It is important to add that even the killing of let’s say 3 million Jewish victims is an appalling crime. 

Edited by George Malent

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