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Did Ben Gurion sell his soul to Satan?

Original Hebrew from 5 August 2010

What else is there to hide about the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann?
Mossad Boss, Isser Harel's revolt against the nuclear "Old Man"

According to the renown Israeli historian Tom Segev (Haaretz 28 Jul. 2010), one of the subjects for which the classified status of the relevant documents has been extended to seventy years is the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann.
This appears strange on the face of it, for what secrets could still remain about an event that took place half a century ago and which has been the subject of an ocean of books, articles, films and so much more?

But if we take into account the fact that the German intelligence agency BND is also struggling with clenched teeth to conserve the classified status of over 3,500 Eichmann documents, then Segev's claim takes on an additional dimension and it is reasonable to assume that the issues are related. According to the BND the aforementioned documents, which are in its possession and not in the Federal Archives, will be declassified in 2017 at the earliest, or 2025 at the latest.
A ruling by the German Federal Administrative Court (the full decision in German) stated that some of the classified documents contain the secrets of "a foreign public authority," most likely Israeli, but apparently not received from it officially. At least some of the documents are supposed to be disclosed at the end of August by order of the court, but we can already draw some conclusions about the nature of the secrets.
The German journalist Gaby Weber, who submitted the appeal for the declassification of the documents, believes that there was nuclear cooperation between West Germany, Israel and Argentina in the 1960s, and allegedly because Adolf Eichmann was hampering the German project in Argentina, he was handed over to Israel by the Germans and not in fact kidnapped by an Israeli secret service as the official Israeli story would have it.
While Weber's theory about the kidnapping seems completely fantastical, illogical and lacking serious grounding in facts, she has nevertheless succeeded in raising a very interesting matter: the fact that there are indeed in the public domain German and Argentine documents that indicate the existence of such a German-Israeli-Argentinian nuclear triangle. Uranium was sent to Israel from Argentina and from Germany Israel apparently received important technology, and especially financing for the Israeli project in the amount of at least 500 million deutschemarks.
And whereas much of the history of the Israeli nuclear project is indeed known, the question of the financing of such an expensive undertaking has not been solved and to all intents and purposes has not been investigated.
There is a link between Germany's support for the project and the kidnapping of Eichmann, but it appears to be completely different from what Weber fantasizes.
On 14 March 1960 West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion met in New York. German documents show that at that meeting Adenauer promised to pay Israel the sum of 200 million deutschemarks a year over 10 years, including at least 500 million for the nuclear project.
Two months later, on 11 May 1960, Eichmann was kidnapped in Argentina and on 23 May Ben Gurion announced that the Nazi criminal was already in Israel.
Is it possible that the two incidents were linked?
There is no doubt that the kidnapping of Eichmann put a strain on the agreement between Adenauer and Ben Gurion: the German Chancellor was furious and suspended the first payment until the end of Eichmann's trial. He also sent a representative to Israel who received a personal promise from Ben Gurion that there would be no "campaign of incitement" against West Germany, and an Israeli representative in Germany further promised the chancellor that Israel would not pursue the 2,000 criminals who were mentioned in the Ludwigsburg Archives.
And indeed Ben Gurion is known to have intervened in at least two matters under deliberation in court. In the words of the historian Prof. Yechiam Weitz:
"On two occasions Ben Gurion intervened in trials relating to the same subject: our relations with West Germany. The first time he requested that the prosecution not raise in court the matter of Hans Globke, a close advisor to Chancellor Adenauer who had been involved in the passing of the 'Nuremberg Laws' during the Nazi period. The second time it was at the initiative of Hausner. In a measure that was characterized as 'an irregular procedure' he sent him the draft of the opening speech and Ben Gurion raised a single point: the question of Germany. He requested that the word 'Nazi' be added after the word 'Germany' [in Hebrew the adjective follows the substantive it modifies – trans.] in order to distinguish between Nazi Germany and the new Germany, which in his eyes was 'different.' " (Haaretz, 23 Jan. 2009)
Ben Gurion knew very well that Globke was a Nazi criminal who obviously was connected to Eichmann and also that the German establishment at that time was swarming with Nazi criminals like him. In other words, at that time it was certainly too early to speak of a "different" Germany.
In her book on the Eichmann trial, Prof. Hanna Yablonka entitles the chapter that deals with the then prime minister "Ben Gurion, an enigma." The historian points to some of Ben Gurion's contradictory behaviour but she does not resolve the contradiction.
The most logical explanation, which is supported by additional facts, is that the kidnapping of Eichmann should be seen as a mutiny by the head of the intelligence services, Isser Harel, against Ben Gurion. That is, the "head" attempted to sabotage Israel's rapprochement with West Germany. According to this analysis the kidnapping of Eichmann was a maneuver against Ben Gurion, who was then forced to walk between raindrops in order to control the damage that had been done to his policy towards Germany.
Without going into all the facts that support this theory, we would do well to point out that not only is it clear that there was no formal discussion within the government to authorize the kidnapping and even Ben Gurion looked surprised. Indeed in 1966 Uri Paz, a journalist who was close to Isser Harel, published a fascinating novel that constitutes an indictment of Ben Gurion for his relations with Germany. "Demoncracy – the rule of Satan" is the title of the novel (The "demon" can be read in Hebrew also as Dimona, the place in the Negev desert where the nuclear reactor was built), which combines fiction with provable facts.  Ben Gurion was willing to decree Nazi vermin to be whitewashed and to permit Germany to develop a nuclear bomb program of its own in return for aid in the amount of 500 million deutschemarks and German physicists for Dimona.
My findings so far in the German archives do indeed corroborate the claims about financial assistance, and an interview with a German nuclear scientist who was sent to Israel during the 1960s strengthens the suspicion that the Israel availed itself of the expertise of German physicists who had worked on the Nazi nuclear project.
Even if only a part of the theory that has been proposed here is true, not only does that put the Eichmann trial in a different light, but it could also explain why both Israel and Germany are keeping documents on the kidnapping of Eichmann secret.
Below is a link to a conversation I had on the subject on Moshe Timor's program "Shishi Ishi" [personal Friday – trans.] on Israeli state radio's Channel 2 on 7 August 2010: (in Hebrew)!Aq_fRU0TvK5CgpRb1jDRM_29nh8jOA

Translated from Hebrew by George Malent



  1. I have assumed, since reading Lenni Brenner, that Eichmann was kidnapped & tried to silence him on the subject of Nazi-Zionist collaboration. The Holocaust Industry was unrolled shortly after Eichmann's show-trial and has been unremitting ever since. As the former Nazi liaison to the Zionist regime, Eichmann would always be a potential danger to the emerging zionist propaganda machine and had to be silenced.


    Lenni Brenner’s claim isn’t supported by any proof and is illogical. If Eichmann was to be silenced he would not be put to trial, where he could say something incriminating in the hope to save himself. It would be much easier to liquidate him.
    Fact is that Isser Harel responsible for the Israeli secret services was since 1957 not interested in getting Eichmann and all of a sudden, in the beginning of 1960, shortly after Ben Gurion met Adenauer, Harel launched the operation to kidnap Eichmann. Is it a coincidence?
    Fact is that hijacking Eichmann created a crisis between Adenauer and Israel. This is no speculation. This can be proven.
    But Eichmann is actually not the main issue, but the German financing of the Israeli nuclear project and also of the war of 1967. Without the German support Israel would not have launched the attack and would have looked for a political solution for the crisis.

  3. BTW Tal, the Holocaust Industry was not unrolled only after the Eichmann trial. It was the Holocaust Religion that was really launched by Elie Wiesel after the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem. The Industry was actually born with the "Ha'avara" (Transfer) agreemnet in 1933 between the Jewish Agency and Nazi Germany

  4. I don't read Lenni Brenner as suggesting that Eichmann was captured in order to silence any expose of Nazi-Zionist collaboration.

    I agree with Noah Lucas [Modern History of Israel, p.414] that the trial was meant to ‘expunge the historical guilt that had been attached to the Mapai leadership since the Kasztner trial.’ Likewise Tom Segev in The 7th Million (p.328) suggests that the trial was meant to ‘expunge the historical guilt that had been attached to the Mapai leadership since the Kasztner trial.’

    The Eichmann Trial was designed to rewrite one of the most important foundational myths of Zionism and its State, viz. its actual record during the holocaust. Hence the outrage of Hannah Arendt for having gone and stuck a great big spanner in the works by blurting out all the Kasztner stuff they spent so much time trying to exclude from the trial. Both Vrba and Marek Edelman, who were anti-Zionist and Andre Biss, a devoted Kasztner supporter, were excluded from testifying.

  5. There are many proofs that Ben Gurion wasn't happy about the trial and tried to keep it on low key. The speculations of Segev and Lucas are not supported by the facts. Actually the Eichmann trial posed a threat that the Kastner trial will be warmed up again. Many issues concerning Kastners were censored and lawyer Tamir was prevented access to Eichmann.
    Ben Gurion couldn' t go openly against the trial and the kidnapping, but did a lot to neutralize it.
    It is impossible to believe that Ben Gurion was surprised by Adenauer's negative reaction to the kidnapping. A kiddnapping that came two months after A. promised DM 500 mio for the Israeli nuclear project.
    Anyway the German and Israeli documents prove clearly that Ben Gurion did everything in his might to appease Adenauer on the issue of Eichmann.