Thursday, September 17, 2009

German Papers are afraid to attack a tasteless Israeli anti-German "Joke"

On Tuesday two Israeli radio hosts demonstrated very bad taste and told the German soccer player Bastian "Schweini" (piggy) Schweinsteiger that his team Bayern Munich should not win 6:0 against the Israeli club Maccabi Haifa because this number is reminiscent of the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.

"Please be gentle. 1:0 is enough. Please remember what happened in [the] Second [World] War. Whatever you do, don't do 6:0. That's a very bad number here"

Schweinsteiger remained polite and laughed embarrassedly. After he hung up, one of the moderators said in Hebrew: Hey Schweinsteiger don't forget the Shoa" (see my report).

No scandal broke out in Germany following this "joke", even though most reactions in Israel were very negative. The German mainstream media is too cowardly to react properly and attack the Israeli radio hosts. If a German journalist did something similar, an international crisis would have ensued.

The daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung managed to report on the outrageous episode without mentioning the 6:0 or the word Shoa. The newspaper's only commentary was: "Schweinsteiger surely did not report to his superiors about the incident, because otherwise [the trainer] Louis van Gaal would have obviously not nominated him to play..."

Another daily, Der Tagesspiegel, called by German lefties Der Tagesspitzel (Instead of The Daily Mirror - The Daily Nark) was actually more courageous, but only a little bit. It mentioned the 6:0 but invented a passage and even criticized Schweinsteiger, who is not considered to be very bright, for probably not understanding the "macabre joke":

The Israeli radio hosts allegedly said: "6:0 is not a good result when Israel plays against Germany. You know – because of the war." Tagesspiegel's commentary: "It could not be discovered whether the midfielder understood the macabre joke, because Schweinsteiger hung up the phone."

Die Bild-Zeitung, Germany's most popular tabloid 'very courageously' posted a recording of the phone call on its website, but as most of its readers surely do not understand English and many of them do not use the Internet, what really counts, is what was in the paper:

Under a lead starting with: "A phone trick on Bastian Schweinsteiger" the paper reported about the incident; how the radio moderators called the Hilton Tel Aviv early in the morning and everybody including Schweinsteiger was asleep. Also the magic figure 6:0 was mentioned, but no reason was given why such a result should be avoided.

The newspaper's very short commentary was: "OK, then good night Maccabi Haifa!"

By the way, FC Bayern won by 3:0. Was the German club really not interested in achieving a higher score?

Well, this possibility cannot be excluded, considering that today in the "potato republic" children are taught to be "nice to the Jews", just like their grandparents were taught under the Nazis to hate the Israelites.

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